Friday, July 8, 2011

Not Quite Peace in the Middle East... But It's a Start.

The Champion

The Challenger

These are the two main sparring partners in what I've dubbed "The Feline Integration Act of 2011".  It's been almost 2 months now, and while there is occasional spitting and hissing still, for the most part, this is the stance we've achieved:

Complete and total ignorance of one another.

This is the favored chair of the Alpha Cat.  She is old and crotchety and generally the head of the house.  Nearest the window.  Blinds raised.  This is HER spot.
She does not look crotchety whilst sleeping.  Don't be fooled though.
The Challenger, however, realized a few days ago that this chair is one effing awesome chair.  It's generally warm and sunny, and it provides a comfortable spot to loll about lazily because humans typically avoid it.
The definition of "lolling."  And of "hefty".

So, it's been game on.  And I've allowed the battles because, in the end, there's only one chair.  It's an important chair to several parties.  Both feel they have a right to the chair.  And there's no reasoning with either cat.  Mainly because they're cats but also because they're both stubborn and angry. 

Angry does not equal "time to listen thoughtfully and considerately".  Ever.

This morning, however, a tenuous truce was reached.  With backs turned to one another, in order to avoid direct eye contact, each cat chose a comfortable corner and spent a good two hours napping.  Only inches apart.  Without anyone losing an ear or subjecting me to an hour long mewling and growling spat.

"If I can't see you, you're not there."
 Attention Planet Earth:  if two mean-ass fat felines can figure this out, what the heck is your excuse?

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