Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Now and Then. Then and Now.

My friend, Courtney, has been my friend, Courtney, for 18 years now. Today, she has been my friend, Courtney, for half of her life. We've changed a little but not so much.

Then, we met in a parking lot. We met on a hayride. We met on a bridge. We met at our home away from home -- camp.

Now, we meet for margaritas, trashy tv, shared tears, and healing laughter. We meet when we can which is never often enough.

Then, we taught fishing and archery and how to paddle a canoe.

Now, I teach children to read and write. You teach them to speak. But we both know where the roots of our teaching reside -- Shannah's Lagoon.

Then, we organized cook-outs and all-camps and kitchen raids.

Now, we just try to organize ourselves.

Then, we rode in the backs of pickup trucks.

Now, well, now we still ride in the backs of pickup trucks.

Then, our friendship was built upon painted rocks, daisy chains, and campfire smoke.

Now, our friendship stands upon touchstone memories, new adventures, and half a life of inside jokes.

Then, we were young and stupid and idealistic.

Now, we are young at heart, a little bit wiser and gripping tight our idealism, still.

Then, we raised hundreds of campers to become pretty fantastic adults.

Now, you're raising a cabin of your own, teaching them to be kind and generous and to sing silly songs.

Then and now. Now and then.

Our lives have become a timeline, tied together and marked by celebration and sadness and all of the absurdities in between.

It is full of cold beer and warm sunsets, rocking chairs and porch swings.

It is guitar strums and off-key show tunes, sappy movies, snorts, swears, and aimless stories.

It is full of debate, forgiveness, long talks, and unconditional love.

Then, I thought we might be friends for a while.

Now, I realize how wrong I was. A lifetime won't be long enough.

I love you, my WoHeLo sister, my compass, my cheerleader, my best life friend.

Then, now, always.

Happy Birthday, Court.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fantasy Football: Week 13

Remember how I was the only girl invited into the fantasy football league at my school?

Remember how I didn't seem to know what the heck I was doing?

Remember how only a few of my best work buddies thought that I'd have a chance?

Remember how I had a couple of really terrible, inexplicable losses at the beginning (even though I had some great players) and I wanted to quit?

Remember how everyone thought it was kind of cute when I won a couple of games, and they gave me a little "way to go" pity five?

Remember how people kind of thought that I probably wouldn't be able to keep it up?

Remember when I didn't think anything could get any better than Week #8?

Well, I don't admit this often, but...  I WAS WRONG, Y'ALL! 


Just kidding. Probably, I'm just really lucky, but I don't care. Nope. I don't care how it happens. It is happening.

I'm on a six week win streak. Three weeks in a row with the top score in the league. I've moved from dead last to 4th place in the last six games. I don't think I hit genius level until I'm at least in the top 2.

I am the Duke Football of my league. Nobody gave me a chance, and I crept right past 'em, seemingly defying all odds. Of course, just like the good Duke football superstitious fan I am, I've been afraid to post about it for fear of the jinx. 

But jinx be damned. I gotta crow while I can. Watch out, boys.