Sunday, June 3, 2012


Fact:  There are certain moments in one's life when you must realize that you are old.  These moments are inescapable and somewhat disheartening. 

For example:

  • When you can't "understand a damn word they're sayin' in that song on the radio".
  • When your knees ache after a game of tag.
  • When you trade the 9:00 PM pool party for some "peace and quiet".
  • When you realize you need to leave the pool party because, perhaps, you nodded off on the deck of the pool and a bug flew in your mouth, causing you to choke, panic, and re-evaluate your life choices only to realize that you just fell asleep at a pool party for crying out loud, and when did that start happening?

Not that any of those things happened to me today. 

Nope.  Not. At. All.

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