Monday, September 3, 2012

The Only News Worth Knowing

Dear Kellen,

Since you don't know me well yet, I will tell you this:

I'm not any good at 4:38 AM.  In fact, I'm downright unpleasant.

So, knowing that, there are only two acceptable reasons to dial my number at 4:38 AM.  One is death.  The other is life.

And in the wee hours of September 2, 2012, your little life made its way into my heart.  At 4:38 AM.  That is how miraculous you already are.  Your mere arrival in the world brought a smile to my face, even at 4:38 AM.  It even brought on coherent thought and a heartfelt reply.  Miraculous.

I went to see you last night.  Your Auntie Laurie and I planned it out by text... the exact right time of the day to visit where we would only have to share your chubby cheeks and new baby smell with only one another.  It's a small concession to make, to share with one another, but I knew I would get there before her anyway.

Aunt Laurie brought dinner for all of us.  Now, forever, I will think of you when I smell garlic bread baking in the oven.  It seems only natural.  One of the closest links your mother and I share is an unnatural attraction to freshly baked bread.

Aunt Laurie entertained us with a slideshow of her trip to Yellowstone.  Don't tell Aunt Laurie, but I didn't really look at her pictures.  Not when you were sitting so warm and snuggly and squeaky in my arms.  She'll show me those pictures again.  I think she was really only filling time until her turn again anyway.

Your mother laid in bed, let us hog you, and asked questions of everyone else.  Sometimes I am amazed at how nonchalant she can be even just 15 hours after bringing someone so glorious into this world.  She sat, drinking her Diet Coke, laughing at our stories, and pretending that it was an ordinary day.  An ordinary day where she produced 9 lbs 4 oz of perfection without the aid of either drugs or a doctor.  Like I said, nonchalant.  And amazing.

Your dad lamented that he didn't have a chance to go buy a newspaper to mark the day you were born.  I can't imagine that the Star Telegram would think to put your face on the front page, so I can't help but wonder what the use would be.  You, sweet boy, are the only news worth knowing on September 2, 2012.

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  1. Kellen is so blessed to have you and LJ in his life. I don't even mind sharing with you, that is quite the concession on my part. I am basically a selfish person where my grandchildren (& children) are concerned. I am just thankful they have someone who has so much love, kindness, compassion and acceptance in their heart.