Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Best Game of Taboo in History

Things heard in today's Taboo game:

Clue: "Nanny kept this on a bookshelf near the tv."
Answer: "Dental floss!"

Clue: "Those bitches in France carry them and are always twirling them."
Answer: "Parasols!"

Clue: "Pimps and _____"
Immediate answer: "Hoes!". (for "hose". My friends are so clever.)

Very next clue giver: "What do you do to your hoes?"
Immediate answer: "Slap 'em!"

Some people might see this as a little twisted. I just see it as the perfect way to start my birthday. I feel like I've been stuck at this 100th post for a really long time, waiting for something incredible to say. Something worthy of a momentous occasion.

Here's what I know and should have remembered this past month that I sat, staring at the blank screen. The moments we expect to change our lives are few and far between. But the moments that cause you to double over with laughter are just as amazing and far more frequent.


  1. I'm trying to come up with what was kept near the tv... it wasn't dental floss. Bug spray?

  2. Ha. Amanda, it was Allison's Nanny (Kathy's mother), not ours. I did, however, have a piece of chocolate meringue pie that rivaled Nanny's. For real.