Monday, February 28, 2011

Deep Thoughts and Ketchup Blow-outs

I spent the weekend in what I've come to admit as the "Number 1 Way I Should Not Recoup". I came home Friday night, laid down, and slept. And slept. And slept. Saturday. Sunday. All of it. Not because I was tired but rather I was hiding. Hiding from Worry, Doubt, Despair, and Fear - the Four Horsemen of my Emotional Apocalypse.

And tonight, what I needed to do was work - all the work I avoided this weekend (because I hid from responsibility too). What I did instead was go to dinner with my friends.

My wonderful friends who, at one moment, are discussing life and death matters (seriously), but in the next are belly-laughing because someone accidentally exploded a ketchup packet all over two of us across the table AND the wall behind us.

We laughed so long and loud that everyone in the restaurant was staring. Maybe because we were too loud. Maybe because they're jealous. It doesn't matter anyway. It was just enough to wake me up.

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