Saturday, March 3, 2012

How My T-Shirt Caused a Convenience Store Showdown

It's a cool spring morning in Texas, and there's a familiar scent in the air -- rivalry.  It seems to have drifted the 1,201 miles from Durham to Fort Worth.  Today is an exciting day for any college basketball fan, and the wait is almost unbearable for any Blue Devil or Tar Heel.

I've been up for almost 3 hours, rising without the use of an alarm clock.  A small miracle to anyone who knows me.  After waking, with nothing much to do so early in the day, I got up, dressed in my favorite Cameron Crazies shirt and some sweats, and headed to the Quik Trip down the street to grab a Diet Coke.  As I walked to my car in the parking lot, a man in the next car over rolled down his window and shouted, "I LOVE YOU!"

Since I had basically rolled out of bed with no makeup, glasses on, and only a haphazard use of a hairbrush, I was slightly confused as to what might have brought on such attention.  And then, from a gas pump, I saw a man point to my shirt and shout, "DUKE SUCKS!"

Then I saw Mr. I Love You flip the bird to Mr. Duke Sucks, and this morning's mystery was solved.  Even in a Texas parking lot, 1,201 miles and 11 hours from tip-off, enemy lines had already been drawn. 

Oh, how I love the smell of rivalry in the air. 


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