Friday, March 9, 2012

Telephone Tomfoolery

Last night, I got a call from a friend in England.  The call woke me up (although I claimed that it did not, I am sure), to talk about our mutually shared third job.  The third job which I have resisted discussing because I'm just too tired to think that far in advance.  May seems so far away.  So, this afternoon, I had a small rant about how someone so incredibly smart could "STILL NOT UNDERSTAND THIS TIME DIFFERENCE".  I mean, for real, you just subtract like 6, estimate whether a normal working person would be awake, and then decide whether to call or not.

Shortly after my rant, I was scrolling through my recent call list, and I noticed something.  He called me at 8:20 PM.  So... uh... my apologies, Jamie.

8:20 PM.  This is when I was asleep.  There are octogenarians who were up later than I was last night.  Apparently, I'm now "that" person who complains about all of you hooligans calling me up after lights out.  Oh, you hooligans and your telephone tomfoolery.  I shake my tired, gray head at you.

Tonight, my only goal is to make it past 9:00 before hauling my weary ass into bed.  This is not a goal that I'm especially proud of.  And the two celebratory "school's out" vodka tonics I consumed during the Duke game are certainly not helping matters.  They sure did taste nice though.

Spring Break 2012 is off to a... start. 


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  1. Oh Deana you crack me up!!! I hope you get to enjoy spring break...somewhat.