Sunday, July 14, 2013

Questions Without Answers

All my life I've wondered about the ways that events occur, how people come together, where paths intersect.  Is it God's plan?  Fate?  Destiny?  Coincidence? Dumb luck?

When something incredible happens, we're quick to call it part of God's plan or the Universe smiling upon us. Yet in tragedy or despair, we cry out at the unfairness or blame our bad luck. We are Fortune's fool.  Later, in processing our grief, we might still arrive that this is all part of a Master plan in which we are being tested, our strength and weaknesses revealed.

And what happens when joy is born of grief?  When something beautiful is born from ugliness? How does one reconcile that paradox?   How do you celebrate something that is only yours as a result of incredible sadness?  Was that terrible day pre-ordained, its sacrifices sealed?  And if so, does the guilt ever fade? The guilt of the gratitude for what you now have?

Will that shine ever lose its shade?

And should it?

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