Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fantasy Football -- Week 5 Update

Fantasy Football -- Week 5.

I won.  Holy fut nuts, I won.


It was looking like I was going to need Matt Ryan to pull out a dozen points tomorrow to seal the win (as I left Hilton on the bench with 29 points today).  Ryan's  been fairly reliable for the first four weeks, so I was fully prepared for him to wake up with malaria tomorrow.  Necessary points could only spell doom for young Mr. Ryan.

But luckily, my opponent started an injured player and the Texans' defense.  If he weren't the single most competitive person I know, I'd think he was taking a dive.  In truth, I should probably make sure he doesn't have malaria.  My bad luck is sometimes as directionally challenged as I am.

Either way, you've been spared this week, Matt Ryan.  You're welcome.

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