Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fantasy Football: Week 13

Remember how I was the only girl invited into the fantasy football league at my school?

Remember how I didn't seem to know what the heck I was doing?

Remember how only a few of my best work buddies thought that I'd have a chance?

Remember how I had a couple of really terrible, inexplicable losses at the beginning (even though I had some great players) and I wanted to quit?

Remember how everyone thought it was kind of cute when I won a couple of games, and they gave me a little "way to go" pity five?

Remember how people kind of thought that I probably wouldn't be able to keep it up?

Remember when I didn't think anything could get any better than Week #8?

Well, I don't admit this often, but...  I WAS WRONG, Y'ALL! 


Just kidding. Probably, I'm just really lucky, but I don't care. Nope. I don't care how it happens. It is happening.

I'm on a six week win streak. Three weeks in a row with the top score in the league. I've moved from dead last to 4th place in the last six games. I don't think I hit genius level until I'm at least in the top 2.

I am the Duke Football of my league. Nobody gave me a chance, and I crept right past 'em, seemingly defying all odds. Of course, just like the good Duke football superstitious fan I am, I've been afraid to post about it for fear of the jinx. 

But jinx be damned. I gotta crow while I can. Watch out, boys.

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