Friday, July 16, 2010

Five Steps to a Classy Lifestyle

So, my friend Alison is one. classy. broad.


She is.

And when we are hanging out together, we totally class each other up even more. In fact, here's our "Guide to Being a Classy Broad... Just Like Us".

Rule #1 -- Classy broads need their beauty rest.

When you feel the urge to take a disco nap, just do it.

Doesn't matter where.

Doesn't matter when.

Doesn't matter what six year-old is watching you, taking a nap on the ice cream freezer, through the camp store window.

But you should always carry a pillow.

Or a stuffed possum to use as a pillow.

That's the creepy tail hanging out. Gross.

Rule #2 -- Classy Broads don't need doors. Windows do just fine in a great escape situation.

Rule #3-- Classy Broads are always in fashion.

Even when your only choices are a giant turtle shell, a bungee cord, and a cowboy hat.

Rule #4 -- Classy Broads will be okay with a friend announcing her fake pregnancy on Twitter because... who knows? Maybe those bitches will throw a "Cash Only Baby Shower".

Rule #5 -- Classy Broads cannot be tamed.

Not even with duct tape and sheer determination.

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