Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Ball Gown is at the Cleaners

I just watched the Golden Globes with my fingers crossed, cutting deals with God for my favorite stars to win. I even made sure to take a shower and made sure I had on clean pajamas before the show began. Because it's fancy. And, yes, I kept score.

The Globes are my favorite awards show for a couple of reasons. A) They include tv. The sound of a tv on is the soundtrack of my childhood. And 2) The stars get to drink. As the night goes on, the guests - and early evening losers - get more and more hammered. Sometimes, as the commercial break ends, you can catch them stumbling back to their seats from the bathroom. Awesome. Lastly) they ignore all the dumbass sound effect/costume/set design categories. I know they're important in film making, but let's be honest. Lame.

Sadly, I missed most of my new movie viewing time (Christmas break), so I'm very behind in my Oscar research. I may have to be the weirdo flying solo for a couple of Saturday film festivals in order to catch up. That's right... me, a vat of buttery popcorn, a gallon jug of Diet Coke, and the bite-size Snickers I smuggled in inside my purse.

I think I have a problem.

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