Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Even the Smallest Steps are Better With Girl Scout Cookies

Whenever I have to do something I don't want or am afraid to do, these are the steps I take:

1. I tell myself that it's important.
2. I breathe deeply.
3. I remind myself that breathing is an involuntary response, and that no matter what happens, my body will not let me stop.
4. I begin to feel pretty good about #3.
5. I cry.
6. I bargain.
7. I set small goals to accomplish on the way to the bigger task. If I manage those, my stress lessens.

Goal A: Get up. This is the hardest sometimes.
Goal B: Brush your teeth. Minty breath is soothing.
Goal C: Eat something. Diet Coke will only take you so far.

8. Sometimes I cry a little more. Maybe it's just whining during other times.
9. Find something to hold onto.
10. Make an exit plan.
11. Start.

I think I'm at Step 3.

But I feel step 4 getting closer.

It doesn't matter though. I'm still mother effing terrified. And now I'm out of Girl Scout cookies.

1 comment:

  1. Go to the grocery store. There are always girl scouts there. thinking of you, friend. love you like you are family.