Thursday, February 17, 2011

Even Carnies are More Appealing Than This...

Tuesday = Fail. Totally spent the day questioning my entire career path.

Yesterday, one of my students (who has given the bare minimum effort all year) raised his hand to let me know that he has always "hated writing. Like REALLY hated writing.". But now, he loves it. Then the next period another of my boys wrote something so incredible, I could only sit at my desk, mouth agape, and marvel. These boys grabbed the noose from my hands, untwisted it, and tossed me a career lifeline.

Today? Two girls nearly got into a fistfight because they couldn't work together. And they tore 10 pages from one of my favorite books. In that class I taught for approximately 7.5 minutes. I refereed and punished and evaluated my sanity for the other 68 minutes. The missing 5.5 minutes entailed my efforts to stop a stress-induced nosebleed brought on by the office referral I gave one of the near-pugilists.

If teaching junior high is like a roller coaster, today we were on the loop-to-loop section. Then someone barfed.

I'd rather tongue kiss a carnie than see that class again this week.

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  1. The last line is brilliance. True brilliance. Griff-ster is officially in town as of today--would love a visit from you at the homestead this weekend.