Thursday, February 10, 2011

Shitty News Doesn't Happen in Three's. It Happens in the Millions.

Warning: This post is not funny. Nor will it be full of unbridled, illogical rage which sometimes can turn out funny. This post is just your run-of-the-mill shitty-type news. So there you have it. You were warned.

On Tuesday morning, my boss laid out her boss's plan to cut $15 million from my school district's budget. She laid it out less than a day after she laid out termination notices for two employees who have been at my school since before it was ever even "my school".

For every moment she spoke, I stared at numbers. I watched them fill up the page. I lost myself within them. Then I spent the next two days thinking about anything but those two faces that, starting in June, I won't see in my building anymore. Until about 2 hours ago when, for some odd reason, I began to think of nothing else.

And I haven't stopped crying since.

These will not be the last, I am sure. They simply get to be the first herd of lambs on the altar. Because, unless the state makes alternate plans, there's at least $33 million worth of cuts still to make.

When I stop being sad, I might be able to fire up for a deligtfully snarky take on our fair governor. I already have the title: "Dear Rick, If You Cared Half as Much About Your State as You Do Your Effing Ugly-Ass Hair, MAYBE We Wouldn't Be in This Sewage Dump of a Situation."

Maybe that one will be funny. MAYBE.

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  1. Maybe mention something about the funds going to the prison system?