Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love is a Battlefield

Today was one of my least favorite days -- Valentine's Day.  Not so much because it's Valentine's Day, per se, rather because it was Valentine's Day, and I work at a junior high.

Oh, the drama that can arise via teddy bears from Walgreen's and wilting roses from Kroger.  I saw the first tears at 8:55 AM, endured some awkward Valentine writing from some seventh graders, broke up a near French kiss on the 200 hallway, and perhaps brought about an extreme epic fail of a love declaration in a theatre arts class.  Thankfully, I did not witness that crash.

I guess why I hate V-day in my job so much is why I like my job so much... because the painfully awkward moments of my own junior high days are still relevant in my mind.  Therefore I understood the morning tears, slightly weird valentine cards, and, yes, even the humiliation of a love declaration gone wrong. 

But we all survived today with hopefully very little emotionally scarring, and instead of venting about all the things I hate about February 14th, I'm linking you to a post about all the things I love in my everyday little world. 

So here it is.  And know that I'd buy you all a drugstore teddy bear or a grocery store rose if I could.

And a special shout-out to my former colleague and funny friend, Annie G., for my post title today.  In junior high, perhaps more than anywhere else, Love truly is a battlefield.

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