Thursday, February 23, 2012

This Face...

I've been pretty down lately. Morose. Gloomy. Downtrodden. Plain ol' run-of-the-mill sad. 

I've been angry. I've been doubtful. I've been questioning.

But tomorrow, I will refuse to be any of those things. This is my pledge. Because on February 24th, I plan to think only of something amazing -- the birth of one of the sweetest pieces of joy I've ever seen. 

It's this guy. 

Sam and Rachel at Halloween.
"I pity the fool who doesn't think I'm cute!"
This is Sam. This little dude beat some incredible odds and defied almost every medical expert's opinions just to make it into this world. Born at just 30 weeks, with little to no amniotic fluid to support him for more than half of the pregnancy and 4 months of bedrest for his mom, Sam made his appearance after what I can only guess must have been the most exciting episode of American Idol ever.

When I think of hope, I see his face. When I think of faith, I see his dad's face. When I think of strength, I see his mom's face.

I am ever grateful for those three faces. They fill my heart.

A few years ago, something told me that my school friend, Chris, and my camp friend, Rachel, should meet. I had known them both for years and never thought this thought even once. But as I was talking to Chris in the hallway one day, Rachel's face flashed in my mind. I had never before set anyone up on a date, but I wondered if maybe they might like one another. Just about a year and a half later, they were married. I would jokingly tell people that it must've been God whispering in my ear. Jokingly, because I had never (knowingly) felt God tell me anything before.

Yet when I look at that face, it's hard to think that it was a joke. When I look at that face, I listen closely for the universe's plan. Because when I look at that face, God doesn't whisper. He shouts.

And what a joyful noise it is.

Happy 1st Birthday, Sam Drury. Your presence is the greatest gift of all.


  1. I just saw you post this on Rachel's Facebook. I met Rachel and Sam while our little guy (born 2 days after Sam) was in the NICU, too. We got to go home after 3 weeks but they were still there, growing and feeding. We kept in touch after our NICU stays and I have to say Rachel is one of the nicest women I've met! Sam is beautiful and I just LOVE this blog post that you've written so eloquently. God surely has plans for this little boy! Happy Birthday, Sam!

  2. Thank you, Trisha! You are right... I think there are big plans for the Drury Family in this world. Thanks for being great NICU neighbors for my precious friends. I know they found strength in all of you during that time. Best wishes for you and your family as well!