Thursday, February 9, 2012

An Ocean's an Ocean...

This weekend, I plan to knock a little somethin' off the ol' bucket list. Seeing the ocean.

I know. Right? How has a grown woman lived her whole life without seeing an ocean?

Well, it's not that complicated. I work all. The damn. Time. And I was born to parents who hate to travel. And I was born with highly flammable skintone AND a zip code in the panhandle of Texas where, literally, it's almost as quick to drive to California as it is to get to the Texas coastline. I've been deprived, my friends. De-prived. That ends now. Granted, I'm only going to Galveston and not King Crab season on the Bering Sea or anything.

But at this point, an ocean's an ocean, dude.

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