Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why I (mostly) Love 3rd Period

I'm a teacher.

I'm a good teacher.

I'm a good person.

I try to be understanding, caring, helpful, and considerate.

But sometimes, I'm not, and mainly it's because there are those who have suddenly chosen to be neither good, understanding, caring, helpful or considerate surrounding me. And they totally wash their dirty feet in my soul.

Today, I endured nonsense from all angles: students, teachers, and administrators. It was truly mind-blowing.

Until 3rd period, who is my last bastion of sanity and humor most days, and today was no exception. During my most intensely frustrated moment, this was the conversation.

Me: Oh... my... Lord. Enough is enough! (as I ran to the door to scold some super-noisy children who were distracting my kids from their quiz).

3rd Period: Uhhhh-ohhhh. (with lots of wincing faces)

Me: (Yell, yell, yell... with lots of finger pointing and mean-facing and then walking back into the room, muttering crazily and super-fast like a total nutjob.) This is it. This is how I will one day wind up on the 10:00 news! I will be the TOP STORY, and I don't want to be the TOP STORY unless I won the lotto! I want to be "Local Teacher Wins $170 Million" not "Local Teacher Leads Police in High Speed Chase"! But so help me, I think I am going to seriously injure someone today.

Student A: Don't do it today. Do it on a day when you straighten your hair.

Student B: (nodding her head in agreement) Yeah. You'll have a way cuter mug shot with your hair down.

Me: *smile* Okay, okay. Another day then. Thanks for looking out for me.

Student A: No prob. (returns to quiz)

And this is why I (mostly) love 3rd Period.

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  1. Agreed. You don't want to be greasy in the mugshot. Then you just look like everyone else. You need to stand out. Just be sure to carry the old bottle of wild turkey.