Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day Report

Today was the first day of school.  Nothing went terribly wrong; it's just the few days of the year where I stand up and talk the whole time.  Seventh graders are typically pretty overwhelmed, so they tend to be awkwardly quiet.  I also have painfully small classes to end the day (not for long, I'm sure), and that can be even more difficult than having 35 in there at once.

I'm exhausted, and I have no voice left.  Also, I walked into a house that was 91 degrees this evening, so I'm already dying from the heat being released from the laptop.  I'll keep it short and sweet.

  • I love my team teachers.  Love.
  • I got to work way early.  I left way late.  It's hard to quit the coaching hours.
  • I already had to break out the "I don't play that" face on one class.  It worked.  Quickly.
  • My team is overrun with boys.  And they're pretty darn smart.  And hyper.  
  • My classroom got a visit from our superintendent and several school board members and district employees.  They LOVED my classroom lighting and decor (thanks, Laurie and Heather).
  • I had to grocery shop after school.  I went to a store near my school, so I tried to carefully slip a six-pack of adult beverages in the cart just in case I ran into students or parents.  I managed to get all the way to the check-out aisle without notice.  Score!
  • I looked up at the cashier to notice he was a former student.  He just smiled and checked my ID.  I'd be upset, but he's gainfully employed, going to college, and couldn't believe my age.  Score.  Score.  Score (I think).
So, all in all... a pretty good first day.

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