Sunday, August 4, 2013

No Rain, No Rainbows

There is the saying that there are no rainbows without a little rain.

Yesterday, that was so very true.  It was a difficult start to the day, and I found myself deluged by some incredibly confusing and shameful feelings.

But then the rainbows arrived.

Remember my two new nephews?  They live in Oklahoma and due to foster parent restrictions, it was difficult for my brother and his new family to visit Texas until adoptions were finalized.  And it's extremely difficult for my parents to travel the 4 hours to visit them.  

So yesterday, at 9:15 AM, my parents -- napping in their chairs -- awoke to a surprise visit from two of their grandchildren.  They'd only met Isaiah once, at his 1st birthday, and they had yet to meet 9 month-old Jaxson.  It was love at first (slightly confusing and dream-like) sight.

My mother, the Non-Crier, immediately burst into tears.  My dad, the Crier, was too excited to cry.  Me?  I'd already cried twice that morning, so there was absolutely no escape for me.  If you know me well, you knew this answer already.

It wasn't a long visit, but it was a good one -- a needed visit.  But it's 11:00 now, and I've just gotten home.  So I'll just leave you with some cute pictures.  That's all anyone wants anyway.

Jaxson meets Grampa for the first time. Bald is beautiful, people.

Isaiah and Grampa.  It's hard to catch a picture of Za.  That kid's always on the move.

Meemaw and Jaxson.  They were kinda in love.

See?  Told you.

Za at the domino table.  This is how I started my domino career --
building random domino sculptures with my grandmother, Henrietta.

When you leave home at 5:30 AM for a surprise visit, nap time comes soon.

The picture of relaxation.

Isaiah riding on my mom's walker.
The family cat also rides around the house on my mom's walker, so apparently, it's just the thing to do.
I took this picture specifically for you, Courtney Mullaney.

And if you read Wednesday and yesterday, and you still came back today... thank you.  Thank you for your kind words.  For your support.  For understanding and for validating.  For not making me feel ashamed to feel ugly and awful and alone.

You probably didn't know it, but while these guys were the rainbow, y'all were the ones holding the umbrellas.  I love you.

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