Thursday, August 29, 2013

How To Teach 7th Grade Boys

Tips to Teaching 7th Grade Boys:

1.  There is nothing that cannot be twisted into an awkward, unfunny (sometimes lewd) joke. 
2.  That joke will be repeated ad nauseum because...
3.  Junior high boys don't understand comic timing or the laws of supply and demand.
4.  They must be taught that "telling the truth" can still = rude.  Your "facts" don't cancel out your rudeness.
5.  Big body does =/= grown up.  In fact, the big dudes are usually the most immature by far. 
6.  Learn to ignore the giggling.  It's 14 years now, and I'm still working on this.  And, no... it's not laughing.  It's not snickering.  It's giggling. 
7.  Stock up on Glade Plug-Ins.  My classroom already smells like sweat socks and insecurity.
8.  Their attention span is similar to this:

9.  Because of #8, every day (and sometimes every moment) starts pretty new.
10. On days like today, I sincerely thank God for #8 and #9.

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