Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My Happy Eyes...

I let the worst of things get the best of me yesterday.  I came home and stewed and spit and sulked about it, and as you might guess, nothing changed as a result.  I tell my kids that every attitude is a decision, even the bad ones.  I encourage them that if they can't change the situation, they can still change their attitude about it.

My seventh graders and I are constantly learning how to do this together. (It's hard to have to relearn the lessons I push upon others.)   It's not easy, I tell them.  I am living proof.  I've been working on it for 30+ years now, and the struggle is real.  My friend, Tamie Colston, calls it "looking at it with her 'happy eyes'".  

Today, I tried to see things with my Happy Eyes, and I was rewarded with a good look at educators who truly care, friends who never give up on me, and even a student who came back -- just in time -- to remind me that junior high boys really DO grow up.  I'm not Colston-level, but I'm making an attempt.

When I got home, this was waiting on me.  No one sent it to me specifically, but there it was... waiting for me to find it with my Happy Eyes.  

And I'm glad I did.

Share the message.  Spread some joy.

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