Saturday, September 28, 2013

Stepping into the Spotlight

A teacher's job, by nature, is to help others shine.  Our job is to provide the spark, to fan the flame, but so rarely are we the fire.  And we are okay with that.  We are directors, choreographers, coaches.  We are not the stars.  We live in the background.  We are scenery.  We hold the cue cards while our work stands center stage.

But not tonight.  Tonight, one of us broke out into the spotlight.

I went to see my work brother, Greg, perform with his band, Center 313, at their sold-out concert tonight.

Greg is our award-winning choir director and whiffle ball expert by day, but not tonight. Tonight, he was a rock star.  Greg's faith has always been in the forefront of his life, and his band's intent is to spread God's message to all who will hear it.  I love this because I believe that anyone who follows his passion is leading a purposeful life.  I must admit, however, that there were moments that the message might have been lost on me because I just couldn't stop watching my friend living his dream.

But maybe that is the message I was supposed to hear -- to live unafraid, to live with joy, and to live with purpose.

His joy filled the room, and it shone brighter, and more beautifully, than any spotlight imaginable.

Well done, friend.  Well done, indeed.

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