Tuesday, June 28, 2011

And How Was Your Day?

Today,  I:
  • taught Young Grasshoppa how to drive the mule.  Welcome to a lifetime of hauling water and running errands and worrying that you're going to run out of gas in back daycamp.
  • left to take an ESL certification test.  This was my un-fun 3 hours of the day.
  • ordered 18 slushes at Sonic Happy Hour, and made some counselors coming off the hill from horseback very, very happy.  Their happiness cost me $0.65 each.  Totally worth it.  Even with the mean stares from the 3 carhops who had to bring them out to me.
  • went to free swim with the camp dog, a labrador retriever that doesn't like to swim and hates gunfire.  He's an epic failure at being a retriever but a compete success at being a camp dog.
  • made myself a "princess" dress out of paper towels, duct tape, and spray glitter.  I also wore a cow head bonnet.  It's a long and weird story.
  • wore Bubba Teeth for most of the evening.  I went almost 80 minutes until I got the perfect 8 year old double take.  God bless her polite attitude, but her face was absolutely priceless.
  • sang camp songs - lounge singer style - on the mule with one of my all-time favorite, laugh-a-minute friends, Alison.
  • sat in the cabin floor, playing cards with a camper when I should've been doing rounds.
  • listened to the same camper tell me that yesterday, she hated it here.  Now, she never wants to leave.  One day.  That's all it takes sometimes.  Screw rounds. 
  • got peeped on by Big Momma Raccoon who so desperately wanted to join the party at Ikerd L that she was pressed up against the glass door like some sort of animated suction cup Garfield cat.  A raccoon in search of Skittles and Ring Pops.
  • searched for a canoe full of the CIT's bedding somewhere in the middle of an extremely dark lake.  Better luck in the morning, boys.
  • fed the camp dog half my peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I am a sucker for the camp dog.  He is a sucker for pb&j.
  • laughed my ass off with some of my cutie-pie staff in the office on time-off.  They make me smile.  I hope they continue that trend all summer.  Please.  Please let them continue to make me smile.
So that was my day.
And people wonder why I still do this job.

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