Thursday, June 16, 2011

Separation and Suffocation

Tonight a little row of 5 year old teeth grinned a big grin at me.  Tonight, I watched ten little 5 year old fingers grip an arrow and break it in half.  An arrow that meant that she was good enough - that she was loved.  Tonight, I watched twenty adults melt into the ground as she skipped back to her seat.  Tonight, I saw two little 5 year old eyes look upon her counselor with love and concern.  Tonight, I watched that counselor face the unfairness of only loving someone for six days, and I could not help.

Because by tomorrow, that 5 year old smile, those 5 year old fingers, those 5 year old eyes will be gone. We will never know for sure where her journey will take her, and the not knowing scares me to death.

Sometimes the unfairness of the world suffocates me.

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