Saturday, June 4, 2011

Growing Up Camp

Tonight, while at dinner, I was quizzing two of my new camp staff about the "real world" version of one of my "veteran" staff members.  He told me that I could probably have more fun revealing the "camp" version of him to these two real world buddies.  Especially since I've known him for practically half of his life.

And... whoa... I have.

Tomorrow, at our first day of staff training, there will be former campers who were 10 when I started working at this camp.  And they will be on staff.  Working.  Being responsible.  It's a little weird.

Other former campers of mine are lawyers, teachers, generally career-havin' adults.  They are wives and husbands.  They are moms and dads.

And they're good at it.

I thought, yet again, that I would double over as old age came around the corner and whacked me upside the head, but I didn't.  Instead, I just sat and marveled for a moment at how cool my summertime career is.  At school, I track progress for a couple of years.  Once they leave my classroom, they are mostly gone forever. 

But at camp, there's a really good chance that10 year old, who sat on the front porch with me, having a popsicle and shooting the breeze, will one day have my job.  And even better?  I'll have trained them to do it really well.

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