Tuesday, June 21, 2011

When Life Hands You a Trashbag Full of Rotting Spaghetti Sauce...

Yesterday, as stated before, didn't start out so hot.  And by the time I reached camp, problems just kept arising.  Here's a quick recap:
  • A huge windstorm blew down several trees (and their myriad of branches) around camp.
  • The electricity was knocked out at half the cabins and the dining hall. 
  • That dining hall bit is important later.
  • The infirmary had a huge tree down and with it came a power line.
  • So, if you went to close to the infirmary, you just might need the infirmary's services.
  • We had to call our maintenance and facility director.  On Father's Day.  Whereupon he worked all day.  On Father's Day.  He loves us, but still...
  • No internet = no access to server spot or printer = Deana having to handwrite all rosters and schedules.
  • Deana hand writing rosters and schedules = amazement by all counselors who can't remember a time without the internet or computers.  I think they expected me to take out my dentures for my next trick.
  • No electricity in the dining hall = no way to cook.
  • 36 Domino's pizzas cost $247.50.  In case you were wondering.
  • 36 Domino's pizzas = happy kids.
  • 40 mile per hour winds = no campfire at the point.
  • Counselor getting a shock in the shower = nobody showers and everyone brushes their teeth from the igloo cooler we placed in your cabin.
  • Electric company showing up = power shut off everywhere.
  • Hello, 9:30 bedtime.  Maybe we should cut power off every Sunday night.
  • A trip to check the dining hall reveals a power line sparking in a tree.
  • Hey, Oncor.  You just thought you were done.
  • Remember the no power in the dining hall?  That includes the walk-in fridge AND the freezer.
  • Thousands of dollars of food in the freezer in peril.  Hundreds of dollars of food in the walk-in sitting at 60 degrees.
  • Walk-in clean-out = a trashbag of spagetti sauce and berry cobbler leaking down my leg and a showdown with the dumpster raccoons.
  • It also meant dealing with these two characters.
I know it looks like a scene from "Dexter", but it's not.

All in all, most would count it as a lousy day, full of emergencies and mishaps.  But most would also have checked out as soon as they found out the internet was down.  Not us.  We worked hard, and our counselors handled each obstacle with grace and patience.  I just say that it's another day at camp.   When life hands you a trashbag full of rotting spaghetti sauce, the only choice is to roll your sleeves up, cover your nose, and hope it doesn't break as you shot put it into the dumpster. 

And remind yourself, "Rotten sauce or not... this is still way better than working in a cubicle."

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