Wednesday, June 8, 2011

No Words...

My heart is full. 

Two parents came to speak to our staff tonight about the topic of parental expectations when they drop their precious children off for camp.  Our counselors, both rookie and veteran, asked insightful and appropriate questions.  They listened.  They smiled.  They risked asking questions that might result in an answer they wouldn't like but still needed to hear.  They rocked.  Completely.

I was like a proud mom.  Seriously, I was a little bit giddy.

But these parents.  These parents really got me.  I've known each of their families for almost 8 years, and I truly appreciate them, but tonight I was blown away.  They spoke about what camp does for their children.  What it has taught them.  The independence it's helped to create.  The relationships that they've formed as a result.  How it's brought joy into the lives of all their family members.  They put to rest some concerns of our newer staff members and validated the hard work and dedication of our returners. 

All in all, it was probably only about a 35 minute session.  But it was some of the most rewarding 35 minutes I've ever spent.  To see a child grow up before you is an amazing gift, but to hear someone thank and praise those counselors and staff members who played such a hand in their growth and then to express their faith and belief in our program... that's even more incredible. 

To thank someone, sincerely and without expectation, is a kindness that has no equal.  I literally can't find the words to express how I feel except that:

My heart is full. 

And I hope that yours is as well.


  1. As a counselor, I always said that my child would go to camp the minute he was old enough.

    But now, as a say that I am scared to death to send him off is a gross understatement.

    I knew as a 20something that these children were a "piece" of their parent who entrusted them to us for 6 days. But it takes on a totally different perspective having that "piece" be my own. In what other part of the world do you turn your child over to a random stranger for 6 days straight?

    But, there will come a time that I do what I know if best for him. And it will be the most terrifying days of my life.

  2. As a person without children, I cannot even imagine how much trust that must take.

    But because you've lived the other side, you're more likely to take that step because you understand what the pay-off can be. It was just so amazing to hear someone else, someone who made that choice, confirm it!

    Thank you for commenting! It is always so nice to hear from A) A fellow camp person and 2)Someone I haven't forced/guilted into reading my blog! You're the first! I hope you'll visit again someday!